Spice Up Your with Kitchen Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Nowadays, looking for the kitchen dining room decorating ideas is a great step to overcome the limit space in modern houses. As we all know, modern home tends to have smaller spaces now. Thus, it is quite impossible to build a house with many rooms such as the dining room, living room, kitchen, and etcetera. Sometimes, many people are sacrificing the dining room so they choose to eat their meals in the kitchen. On the other side, there are some people who are sacrificing the living room instead of the dining room. They will sit down at the dining chairs instead of on the sofas. It is indeed quite terrifying if you imagine the situation.

Open plan kitchen and dining room decorations

Many in-house designers are trying to invent or create new ways to make your house feel spacious. Do keep in mind that decorations of the kitchen dining room will also be the key to improve your small space home. To put it simply, these in-house designers will try to maximize your house spaces by playing with colours, decorations, and designs so there will no empty spaces. For starters, the houses which have small spaces are highly recommended to do an open plan kitchen and dining room. In other words, you have to combine your kitchen and dining room in one area.


When you are done combining your kitchen and dining room, it is time to decorate those areas. As we stated before, the decorations will also hold the key to making your house feel spacious. Do not decorate them too much, yet do not decorate them too little as well. You have to be precise what do you want to do with your open kitchen and dining room.

Choose the suitable decorations

If you want your open plan kitchen dining room to be multifunctional, you can start by installing the kitchen island and put it between your work zone and the dining table. This kitchen island will not only function as it is but also will function as a breakfast table. With the unique stools beside the island will make your kitchen dining room become epic.

If you do not interested in installing the kitchen island, you can play with colours and lighting. Do not be afraid when you play with colours. Because it is an open plan kitchen dining room, you have to choose the perfect colours for it. You can use calm or pastel colours, go bold with black and grey, or stay simple with white. As for the lighting, it is highly recommended to use a kitchen lamp for both the kitchen and the dining area.

For the finishing touch, you can add additional decorations such as rugs, flowers or plants. By adding these decorations, your kitchen dining room will feel alive and comfortable. Put the rugs between your work zone and the island, and under the dining area as well. The rugs will help you to prevent any break dishes when you accidentally drop them and give more colours. As you already given all the tricks and information, happy trying the kitchen dining room decorating ideas!

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