Important Elements in Small Bedroom Ideas for Couples

If you are going for the small bedroom ideas for couples, then there are several things you need to know. Important elements such as lighting, color, and the choice of a bed will affect the impression made by your bedroom greatly. So pay close attention to that details to ensure your bedroom to stay attractive.

The amount of light should be sufficient

Lighting is a simple yet complex element at the same time. You can enough natural light source if you place your furniture properly. You can also use additional decorations and lamps if you can’t find that ideal lighting. A wide window is a great asset for natural lighting and can make your room looks bigger.

Your room may look bigger with that big windows but it stays narrow for some occasion. The design of your bedroom should be focused on how well will you sleep. Picking a right decoration that can help you sleep better is a good choice. Using a wallpaper with a big motive right beside your sleeping position or a colorful bedcover to create crashing contrast can help to improve your sleep quality.

Picking the best color for small space

With a small bedroom that you have, picking a good color scheme is important. Set your bed linen, pillowcase, and bed cover into one color scheme that suits well with the color of your furniture and the wall. You can also use additional decorations on your wall or installing a shelf to place some decorations on it. Make sure that the color is in one tone and the pattern is simple.

When choosing a color, pastel color scheme such as white, light pink, or sky blue is a great color for a small bedroom. Pastel colors can create a brighter bedroom, so you can feel that the room is bigger. Once you pick the right color for the wall, make sure that you pay attention to the choice of your furniture, bed cover, linen, and pillowcase. Stick to one color scheme and your bedroom will be awesome.

Choosing a bed for a couple

The positioning and the size of your bed are critical if you have a small bedroom. A frameless bed is a good option for a small bedroom. You can opt for a simple framed bed such as metal because some wooden framed bed, especially teak, can eat a lot of space because of its design. Using a sliding cupboard is very recommended to save more space and give you room to comfortably move in your bedroom.

Picking a bed that has a storage under it is a good option to save space if you don’t have the money to afford a sliding cupboard. You can also save a space with a storage-installed bed because you don’t have to use a bedside table. Another important thing about your bed is the positioning of it. Pushing your bed into the very corner of a room can create a gap between your bed and door, creating a spacious feeling. You can add some decoration around the wall near the bed, creating the best small bedroom ideas for couple feel.

Picking the Perfect Sitting Room Painting Designs

Coloring the sitting room can be an important element to create a certain atmosphere around the house. The color you choose in sitting room painting designs should mix well with the theme you are going for. Here are some recommendations to color your sitting room.

Make the sitting room green

The color resembles harmony and renewal. This is because the color is close to the natural world and it is also considered as the best painting color for the sitting room. If you don’t know how to get good plants or having a small space, then splashing your sitting room with green can be the best solution. It is a good alternative color if you are bored with neutral colors and the color will also give a fresher look.

Go for gray

Gray color will create a wider and bigger space feeling towards your sitting room. It is also fit perfectly with many modern and minimalist furniture. As a neutral color, a gray sitting room can be splashed with some colors from the furniture or decorations. Although the neutral color such as gray can be used in any room, it is more elegant if you have a gray sitting room. Pick the right decorations and furniture to enhance the atmosphere of your sitting room.

The favorite blue

As the favorite color of many people, blue is an amazing color to be used in your sitting room. The color has calming and stabilizing feeling when applied into a room. There are several colors in the blue color scheme to be used in your sitting room. It is also can go well with neutral colors such as brown and cream. Hardwood floor is the perfect combination for blue walls on your sitting room. Your sitting room will seem clean and orderly.

Using beige for your sitting room

For most interior designers, beige is the safest color and it is a go-to color if you are aiming for a neutral color. The hue created from the color allow raw fabrics to shine when applied on the room. The color is also perfect if you are going to have a minimalist sitting room. You can try to mix the beige with the shades of white to make your sitting room looks attractive. If you are having a blank about what color you should put on the sitting room, then you can go for beige since it is considered a go-to and safe neutral color.

A black sitting room

Although it is not common to use black for the sitting room, breaking the mainstream is the uniqueness of having a black sitting room. People will be amazed by your color choice. The color also allows you to play with the architectural design, contrasting the darkness of the wall with colorful decorations and furniture. The color can also reduce the amount of light that goes into the room. You can easily make your sitting room painting designs the focal point if you decided to use the black color.

Sitting and Dining Room Designs

In a house, sitting and dining room designs can be important. This is because both of the room can be merged as one room or separate them into two different rooms. A good design of both rooms can make your house look better and generate good mood.

Make the sitting room looks new

There are many ways, including big renovation and small change, in order to make your sitting room look new. If you go for a big renovation, then you can try to rearrange the position of the window and door to create a better natural lighting. A good natural lighting can be utilized in almost any theme and it also makes the room warmer and welcoming.

If you are not into a big renovation, then you can opt for some small changes such as the color of the wall or the decorations used in the room. Changing the color of the wall will create a new sensation especially if you are using the current color for a very long time. A new color or wallpaper used on the room will spark new sensation and atmosphere for the owner and the guest.

Decorations play a big part in a sitting room. It will attract the attention of the guest so the won’t feel bored when the owner goes into the kitchen to make a drink or call another family member to join with the guest. Therefore, putting some interesting paintings, sculptures, or display will maintain the interest of the guest. You can arrange your favorite toys into a rack or place your favorite fishes in an aquarium and place it at the sitting room. If you have multiple hobbies, you can rotate your creation placed in the room occasionally. Utilizing the mentioned methods won’t require you to create totally new sitting room designs which can cost a lot of time and money.

Creating a modern and small dining room

The space of your dining room and the budget you currently have can limit your option. If you find that troublesome, then you can opt for a mini dining room that is perfect for a house with limited space or small apartment. With a good furniture arrangement, then you can make your dining room still attractive and beautiful. If you decide to make an open dining room and connect it with the sitting room, then you should pay attention to the flow. Make sure that both rooms don’t obstruct each other and make the two-room looks like one room but still can be differentiated with a mark such as wall designs, floor types, or ceiling designs.

With a limited space, the best option is to mix your kitchen and dining room into one space. Pay attention to the choice of your dining chair and table so that they won’t interrupt your kitchen activities. Accessibility is important when you mix two rooms in one space. Then you can play with the color such as using white as the dominant color and utilizing the natural light available on your house. By doing this, then you can apply the suitable design depending on the size of your house and budget. Having perfect sitting and dining room designs can make the house look beautiful

Tips in Creating Sip Home Plans

Sip or structural insulated panel is a part of the house often time used to enhance the performance of a lightweight construction, especially for the residential purpose. Sip home plans and designs require you to meet certain specification make a full use of it. Here is what you have to know before installing the sip.

Prepare the needed equipment and electrics

When constructing a building that utilizes sip, you have to make sure that everything is ready and you don’t need future renovation or change. This is because the sip can’t be obstructed with wiring or another construction element in order to maintain the performance of it. So, you have to thoroughly plan the electrical that run through the entire buildings to avoid costly modification. Also, you have to know the process of the sip installation. If crane or forklift is required to install the sip, then you should have clear and sufficient space to let the vehicles install the sip.

Proper sealing and installing

Supporting the sip is one of the most important things to do when installing one. To ensure the panels to be fully supported, you should at least make the panels slip over a wall plate around a half inch from the building edge. Placing the panels in order is also important. The last thing to do when every panel is installed is to seal every void and panel joint using adhesives or proper sip tape. This is important to reduce air leakage so the structure will be more durable for a long time.

Keep the sip away from water penetration

In occurrence with the air sealing, you also have to make sure that there will be no water that can go through the sealing. You can add some house wraps to protect the panels from the weather and moisture deterioration. Install the house wrap properly to avoid water leakage and weather damage. Flash all the penetration spots to direct the water away from the wall structure. But you should know that over time, some water may leak someday around the window.

Proper HVAC system size

It is a common mistake to have a bad HVAC system size. You should know that the sip enables the smaller size of the HVAC system. Ask the contractor to make sure about the estimation of air infiltration on the lower levels. The size of HVAC should fit perfectly with the structure to avoid flaws. A flawed HVAC system will reduce the energy efficiency and you will deal with more maintenances. So you have to go thoroughly if you go for sip home plans.



Simple In Ground Pool Designs

Creating simple in-ground pool designs is not that hard. You just need a sufficient amount of money and space in the backyard to execute the design of your in-ground pool. There are several things to consider before building a simple in-ground pool.

The functionality of the pool

The first thing to decide before making a pool is to choose the function of the pool. The function can be varied from entertainment, decorating the house, or for exercise. A standard all-rounder pool is 8×4 in size while for the standard for a lap pool is 16m. A smaller than standard room will reduce the functionality of it. But keep in mind that any children would love playing in any kind of pool. If you are not using the pool that often, then you can opt for a smaller one.

Form or shape of the pool

Deciding the form or shape of the pool is the most fun part when creating one. There are three common materials to build a pool and they are vinyl, fiberglass, and cement. Cement is the most versatile and expensive material because it can be shaped into any design but the installation time can be very time wasting. Vinyl is lightweight, strong but limited in terms of shape. It has quicker installation time than using cement.  Fiberglass has a fixed shape so you can’t experiment with the design. But, this material has the quickest installation time that can be done under a week.

Proportioning your pool

When creating a pool, no matter the size of the pool, you should make the size look in line with the general size of the house. The size of the pool is not that varied but the space around the pool is the thing you should consider. If you decide to have a relaxing space or spa room around the pool, make sure that you won’t go overboard and make the size of the pool look inappropriate with the house.

Pay attention to safety

The safety of your pool should be your next priority because you don’t want any family member that use the pool to have an injury because of slipping on the pool area. Also, you should make a pool that has zero drowning chance, in case that if any of your family members have no ability to swim. But, if you feel that anyone that will use your pool is able to swim, then you can design your pool to have a deeper depth. Just make sure that you also have a shallower area around the pool.

Landscaping the area around the pool

The last thing to consider when designing the pool is the landscaping. Landscaping the surrounding area of your pool can be tricky because you may have limited space since most of the space is used for the pool. For landscaping, you can try to make a shade of plants, decking for relaxation, or making a small spot for outdoor barbeque and party. Going back into the proportion element, you have to fit the area around the pool with the house so that the simple in-ground pool designs won’t be the focal point of the house.

Simple Design of Dining Room

Before a simple design of  dining room is decided, a design style should have been decided first. The modern design style and contemporary design style are currently in vogue.

Contemporary design style

The contemporary design concept is dynamic. This means it is always changing. It follows current trends. Today’s contemporary designed dining room could be outdated within 10 years’ time. The contemporary design concept borrows heavily from other design styles. This makes this an eclectic and exciting design style.  There are some design features. Comfort and the use of natural, sustainable materials are favored. The finishes in the contemporary designed space will generally use natural elements, however man-made faux finish products from recycled materials are currently trending. These are the 2 most popular design styles being utilized by homeowners today. You may consider a formal or traditional design concept also.

If the homeowner wants to adhere to a design concept, the most likely choice will be a modern design style for the simply designed dining room. Simplicity and minimalism are inherent to that design concept. The most widely adopted design concept for a simply designed dining room is the contemporary style.

Modern design style

This design style refers to a period of time, 1920s-1950s. It is also referred to as mid-century modern design style. The modern design concept is expressed by the design elements having very clean crisp lines. The concept also embraces a minimalist application. In other words; the spaces will tend to be unadorned. Natural materials used will be wood, leather, and linens. Polished metal, plastics, and molded plywood are also used extensively. Adhering to the minimalist philosophy; the floors will generally be bare, the walls would be white and colors are neutral.

Simple design dining space

Here are some ideas for you to consider;

Dining room table

A dining room table that is appropriate for the dining space size and shape should be selected. A rectangular shaped table is probably the best selection. A natural dark wood top with slim sleek legs can add an elegant feel. Consider using a table runner instead of a tablecloth.

Dining room walls

A simple design would usually mean white walls. You should consider other colors and/or wallpaper.

Applying simple architectural features can add some warmth and style to the dining room. Consider using crown molding and chair rail with a natural wood finish.

Dining table chairs

It is recommended that the chairs follow the look of the dining table legs. The chairs can be upholstered or use seat cushions. The upholstery or cushions offer the opportunity to inject some color. Fabric chair covers are also an option.

The Lighting

A central hanging light fixture is the most widely used light source in a simple design. A chandelier could be a good choice for adding elegance and style.


A simple design does not mean boring. It is recommended that you perform more in-depth research. Your dining room presents an opportunity to select many elements from other design styles and maintain a simple elegant feel.

It is hoped that this article, Simple Design of Dining Room, was found useful and informative.

Simple Bedroom Interior Design

Many options are available for a simple bedroom interior design. In this article, the design focus will be for a master bedroom.

The bedroom is the most personal space in a home. This space should have a comfortable livable feel and yet also allow you to showcase your “inner” interior designer. Your bedroom is where you can shut out the world and relax. We should also focus on getting a good night’s sleep.

The article will highlight current simple design trends for the bedroom. You might be amazed at how simple it is to create the mood and style you want by implementing one of these ideas.

Color palette

The bedroom color scheme will usually reflect a comforting feeling. The most widely used color palette in today’s bedroom is the neutral scheme with contrasting accents.

You should choose colors that bring a sense of calm for you. It will not matter if they are warm or cool shades and hues. You may feel more comfortable with a monochromatic scheme of grays with stark splashes of white.

The bedroom is your personal space so almost anything goes.


The current trend is layered bedding. The layering will consist of a mattress cover, bed sheet, blanket/bedspread, and a quilt or down duvet. The layering effect produces a calm and comfortable feel.

Don’t forget that the top coverings are a design opportunity. You may consider having your bedding complement the bedroom’s color palette or introduce a contrast. Patterned bedding is also becoming popular again.

Pillows and more pillows is a current design theme for the bedroom and other living spaces in a contemporary home. The bed pillows are another opportunity to highlight your color theme and design.


A lot of choices are available. These choices can include the traditional four posted, a contemporary platform bed frame or a modern design. Natural wood is the most widely selected material used, however; many bedrooms are adopting an industrial motif by using polished metals.


Almost all the bedrooms in a home will have nightstands. Nightstands will typically mirror whatever material was used for the bed frame.

A growing trend is hybrid material nightstands. These nightstands have metal frames with wood tops and shelves.


The headboard can be functional as well as a design statement. A functional headboard will usually be padded with a fabric or leather covering. This allows for a comfortable backrest while reading in bed before you go to sleep.

You might consider not using a traditionally styled headboard at all but instead using curtains for a headboard effect. Curtains are easily changed so you can have many design options open to you.


It is highly recommended to include more than just a ceiling light in your bedroom space. Some options to consider are; a ceiling fan with a light kit that is dimmer controlled, nightstand lamps or wall mounted nightstand lights that free up the area on top of the nightstand.


Mirrors have the ability to make a small space seem larger. It is suggested to hang a mirror with a reflection of a bedroom window to bring the outdoors inside.


It strongly suggested that you perform more research before you decide on the best simple bedroom interior design for you.

Showcase Design for Dining Room: Showing Your Collection to Spice up the Dining Room

Are you looking for ideas of showcase design for dining room? Well, it is perfect, since in this article we will present you some ideas of the showcase design that can be suitable for your dining room.

One of many ways to spice up the dining room is by showing the collection of art pieces in a showcase. Here are some ideas of showcase design for a dining room that you can apply on your own house.

A Floating Shelf Showcase Design for Dining Room

A floating shelf showcase is a good option for a limited space dining room. Since this type of showcase is mounted on the wall, the space needed for the showcase is not as much as the cabinet style showcase. The main focus of the floating shelf showcase is the use of your collection to add the aesthetic value of the dining room through your wall decoration. The floating shelves allow you to be creative in using your collection of art pieces to decorate the wall. Unfortunately, in most cases, the space available in a floating shelf showcase is limited. As the materials of the floating shelves are light materials, avoid placing a heavy object on the shelves. So, you cannot show a whole bunch of stuff. You need to be selective in choosing the items you want to display. Make sure that the pieces you want to show on the shelves are complementary to the ambiance of the dining room style.

A Cabinet Showcase Design for Dining Room

When the space for the showcase is not a problem, a more classic cabinet showcase can be an option. The size of the showcase is bigger and allows you to display various art pieces. This type of showcase is perfect to display your collection of bone china and ceramic ware since this type of showcase is sturdy. The cabinet showcase usually made of high-quality wood so that it can stand through time. The ambiance created by the cabinet showcase is an elegant ambiance. So, this type of showcase is perfect for a large dining room that can accommodate a lot of people. This type of showcase is complementary to a large dining room table.


A Corner Showcase Design for Dining Room

When you have a limited space of the dining room but the floating shelf showcase is not your style, a corner showcase can be an option. Just like its name, this type of showcase design for dining room provides you a space to show your collection on the corner of the dining room. The plus point of this type of showcase is that it does not take a lot of space and it can make the commonly forgotten corner of your dining room shines. However, since the showcase is placed on the corner of the dining room, the space available to display your stuff is limited. This type of showcase cabinet is also more suitable for slim and tall stuff which is not too bulky. So, which of those showcase design for dining room suits your dining room?

Ideas for the Lake Home Floor Plans

lake home floor plans should be designed carefully so people will be able to get the lake home in their dream. It is sure that there are many people who want to spend most of their time in the comfort of the lake home. This is kind of place which can really make them relaxed. This is the basic function of the house which many people are looking for. That is why we can find that the lake home is still pretty popular. For the best lake home, there are some ideas which can be tried.

Proper Planning

There must be so many inspirations of the lake home which people can use when they want to build their very own lake house. However, it is important to find the type of lake home that can really suit their expectation and dream. It may take a long time of talk to find the most suitable option for their lake home. Nevertheless, it is worth to wait until they can determine the perfect plan for their lake home so they will be able to enjoy the best experience of living in the lake home.

Natural Setting

When people choose the lake home as their living place, it means that they have no other choices unless getting close to nature. Some people think that they do not need to add the natural elements into their home because there are too many of them which can be found outdoors. In fact, there is nothing wrong to include the natural elements in the lake home floor plans. It can be useful for durability. It will also make people feel connected to the natural environment outdoors while they also enjoy the comfort of their home. If there is a fireplace in the lake home, they can also use the same materials as the fieldstone which is used for the garden wall.

Open Floor

The lake home usually will offer people with plenty of space but it does not mean that they always have to apply the wall-separated floor plan for their lake home. The public area in the house such as the living room, dining room, and kitchen can be made united as an open floor. There will be a way which can be used for defining the space without using any wall at all. In this circumstance, people can try using the ceiling vaults and the step downs. The sight lines can also be filtered by placing the storage cabinets between the spaces in the house.

Screened Porch

It will be such a waste to live in the lake house if people cannot enjoy the natural landscape properly. That is why the porch will be a very important element of the lake house. Using the screened porch actually will be a great idea for enjoying nature without declining the comfort. The porch actually will be the place where people can enjoy various activities from watching the favorite sports game to reading the favorite books. The porch must be included in the lake home floor plans.

Lake Front Home Plans, A Dream Place to Settle

Have you ever thought about having lake front home plans? Is your house located in the middle of the city and you are getting tired of the crowd and loud noises around your house? If you have not thought about such an idea, this article will give you information about the beauty of having a house located near a lake. There are several advantages you may not want to miss by having a place to live in a suburb.

Relieving stress

Having a place to live in a suburb will relief your stress. If you are a hard worker kind of person, this idea must have crossed your mind. Obviously, the lake is located in the middle of some woods. By building your dream house near it, you will have the natural sensation of becoming one with nature. No more loud noises of traffic jam and no more getting disturbed by a neighbour. All you can find is quite place where birds are chipping and the relaxing sound of nature can be found. You can have a cup of tea in the evening while looking at the lake and the woods after working. Your mind and your body will be relaxed every time you come back from work.


Living in the middle of the city surrounded by neighbour sometimes can disturb your privacy. Living in a suburb, you can maximize your own privacy. You do not have to worry about getting disturbed in the middle of the night by your neighbour, or of playing a loud music. You can do anything you want without worrying of disturbing your neighbour. Every day will be your quality time.

The House

To be able to build your dream house, there are things you have to consider such as the design of your dream home, the material needed, and the direction of your house should be facing. Naturally, it will be cosier and more comfortable if the house is built using wood rather than brick. It will you the feeling as if you become one with the woods and nature. If you want it to face the lake, you can have the garden in your backyard. Although you are surrounded by woods and nature, it is still a great idea to have it in the back of your house. You can plant any plants which cannot be found in the wood. Consider it is a therapy or maybe a hobby that are worth to do in your spare time to relief your stress. Moreover, you can utilize your backyard to become a camping ground when your family or your colleague visit you.

If you are accustomed to living in a city, having this kind of house is still a great idea. You may spend your weekend in a suburb. When you are stressed enough to work, this place will be your escape route. Getting lost in a wood, swimming in a lake, and camping in the backyard is good enough for your mind and body to get some rest. Lake front home plans is necessary for your health.